Last updated: 14 September 2017

Erin Maloney
LC104 – 290-2067
Office Hours

  • Before midterm:
    • Mondays, 15.40-17.30, including spare hour, in B-305
    • Thursdays, 13.40-15.30, in G-B14
  • After midterm: Students will be divided into groups, meeting 2+ hours per week, with Erin and students in group

GOAL OF COURSE: To build web pages for Bilkent entity (see examples), by doing the following:
  • Writing HTML code
  • Writing CSS code (style sheets)
  • Photos: finding, taking, resizing, cropping, opacity
  • Graphics: building banners and text graphics, using logos
  • Editing pre-written code and script: menus, photos slides, random photo generation
  • Making sure web pages work on Chrome, Firefox, MIE, Opera, Safari; and major small devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)
BEFORE taking this course, students should know the following (from TRIN172, BF173, CS121, or equivalent course):
  • Basic computer terms
  • Bilkent labs: lab protocol, changing password, email
  • Compressing: using 7Zip or some other compression software
  • Internet: intermediate searching and browsing
  • Windows: intermediate computer management
  • Word processing: intermediate tasks
  • Quizzes: 25% – 5 quizzes, 5 points each
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final Project: 50% – includes class participation and meeting with supervisors
  • Participation: For each class, students are expected to be on time, with a pen and notebook, and with personal electronic devices switched off. Students who use a personal electronic device during class without asking for and receiving permission will not get participation for that hour. Students are expected to use the bathroom during breaks, and follow other basic protocol for academic classes. Students must also check their Bilkent email for course information at least once per day.
  • Cheating / Plagiarizing: Unacceptable, with disciplinary action for gross or multiple offences.
  • Handouts: Available from Erin's web site and/or Moodle.
  • Homework / Labwork: To be completed outside of class.
  • Software for class:
    1. Browsing: Mozilla Firefox
    2. Compressing: 7zip
    3. Downloading and Uploading: Filezilla
    4. Storage Service (Online): Dropbox and a Flash
    5. Photo Editing: GIMP
    6. Text Editing: Notepad++
    7. Word Processing and basic Office software: LibreOffice
  • Technical: Students use their own Bilkent username, password, and H: drive for each class and exam.
  • Visiting Erin and other Supervisors: Required.

  • Monday, 18 September: NO CLASS
  • Thursday, 21 September: INTRODUCTION
    • Syllabus, course design, software
    • Beginning HTML code, using a text editor
WEEKS 2 to 7 (25 September to 2 November): LEARNING HOW TO BUILD WEB PAGES
  • HTML code, CSS code, photos and graphics
  • Editing pre-written code and script
  • "Looking up" what you do not know how to do
  • Cleaning-up code
  • 5 Quizzes in pairs (if participation is good) as follows (all at 15.45):
    • Quiz1: Monday, 2 October
    • Quiz2: Monday, 9 October
    • Quiz3: Monday, 16 October
    • Quiz4: Monday, 23 October
    • Quiz5: Monday, 30 October
WEEK 8 (Sometime between 6 to 10 November): 2-HOUR MIDTERM in pairs (if participation is good)
  • No regular classes on 6 & 9 November
WEEKS 9 to 14 and FINAL EXAM PERIOD (13 November 2017 to 9 January 2018): FINAL PROJECT
  • Students are expected to do extra work in the labs during this time, including during the final exam period.