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The degree program in Translation and Interpretation trains translators and interpreters in Turkish, English and French. The curriculum aims to develop the special skills needed for translating and interpreting and to achieve mastery of the contemporary spoken and written languages. In addition, a wide range of elective courses provides a broad cultural background required by professional translators.

Language studies in English and French include: oral and written comprehension, oral and written translation, oral proficiency, essays, precis-writing and note-taking in addition to translation workshops. Elective courses deal with fields such as national government and administration, politics, economics, law, culture, current events, modern literature, European organizations and computer literacy. The third year includes a summer program which forms an integral part of the curriculum.

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The Masters in Conference Interpreting Program is composed of two academic semesters and a summer school program. The objective of the degree program in Conference Interpreting is to train conference interpreters in Turkish/English/French. The language combinations offered in the program are A-CC, A-BC, A-BB or A-A.

The curriculum aims to develop the special skills needed for interpreting and to achieve mastery of the contemporary interpreting techniques. In addition, professional interpreters require a wide range of applied courses and a broad background in contemporary practices and theories. Professional interpreting studies in Turkish, English and French include: mastery in sight translation, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, media interpreting.

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