(English part of English-American and French Culture II)
Last updated: 3 February 2017

Erin Maloney
LC104 – 290-2067
Office Hours

  • Section 1: Thursdays, 15.40-17.30 (LA 114)
  • Students also meet two hours per week with Ms. Alexandra Noyanalpan for the French part of this course.

  • To think critically about culture in six countries of The Commonwealth
  • To use films as a vehicle for thinking critically about these six countries
  • To continue writing essays about culture, using your own words and citations

METHODS OF EVALUATION: 100 points, which is "half" of your whole French/English Culture final mark:
  • Six Moodle Q & A Forums: 54 points – each worth 9 points, all mandatory
  • Midterm Moodle Q & A Forum: 20 points
  • Final Moodle Q & A Forums: 20 points
  • Participation: 6 points

  • Times for forums will be announced in class and/or via email.
  • For Erin's part of the course, a "C" is 73%, while an "F" is 59% or lower. See General Grade Scale (on Erin's web page)
  • To participate in Erin's final, students must do each of the following:
    • Participate in 80%+ of Erin's classes
    • Complete at least 3 of the 6 homework forums
    • Participate in midterm

  • Cheating / Plagiarizing: Unacceptable, with disciplinary action for gross or multiple offences.
  • Mandatory Films: Students are required to see six films, before the dates below (which is when they will be discussed in class). All films are available in the Bilkent Library. If students wish, Erin will schedule times in the library for watching these films:
    • 23 February: My Beautiful Laundrette
    • 9 March: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
    • 23 March: The Wind That Shakes the Barley
    • 13 April: Monsoon Wedding
    • 27 April: Whale Rider
    • 11 May: Bon Cop, Bad Cop
  • Mandatory and Optional Reading Materials: To be announced; available from Moodle.
  • Participation: For each class, students are expected to be on time, with a pen and notebook, and with personal electronic devices switched off. Students who use a personal electronic device during class without asking for and receiving permission will not get attendance/participation for that hour. Students are expected to use the bathroom during breaks, and follow other basic protocol for academic classes. Students must also check their Bilkent email for course information at least once per day.
  • Visiting Erin in her Office: Strongly encouraged.


WEEK 1 (9 FEBRUARY): Introduction
  • Syllabus
  • Erin's web site and Moodle
  • Students' questions

    WEEK 2 (16 FEBRUARY): English Colonization and De-colonization; English culture
  • See My Beautiful Laundrette before 23 February

    WEEK 3 (23 FEBRUARY): English culture and My Beautiful Laundrette

    WEEK 4 (2 MARCH): South African culture
  • See Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom before 9 March

    WEEK 5 (9 MARCH): South African culture and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

    WEEK 6 (16 MARCH): Irish culture
  • See The Wind That Shakes the Barley before 23 March

    WEEK 7 (23 MARCH): Irish culture and The Wind That Shakes the Barley

    WEEK 8 (30 MARCH): No regular class – Moodle Forum as Midterm

    WEEK 9 (6 APRIL): Indian culture
  • See Monsoon Wedding before 13 April

    WEEK 10 (13 APRIL): Indian culture and Monsoon Wedding

    WEEK 11 (20 APRIL): New Zealand culture
  • See Whale Rider before 27 April

    WEEK 12 (27 APRIL): New Zealand culture and Whale Rider

    WEEK 13 (4 MAY): Canadian culture
  • See Bon Cop, Bad Cop before 11 May

    WEEK 14 (11 MAY): Canadian culture and Bon Cop, Bad Cop

    FINAL EXAM: Moodle Forum