Last updated: 25 January 2018

Erin Maloney
LC104 – 290-2067
Office Hours

  • Section 1: Tuesdays, 10.40-12.30 (FF-208) and Fridays, 8.40-10.30 (G-B14)
  • Section 2: Wednesdays, 8.40-10.30 (G-B55) and Fridays, 10.40-12.30 (G-B15)

GOAL OF COURSE: Using a computer effectively as a university student who studies translation and interpretation, with emphasis on word processing, compression, slide presentation, photo editing, drawing, spreadsheet, and database software

  • Quizzes: 30 points – best 6 of 8 quizzes, with each quiz worth 5 points each; times announced in class and/or via email (but will usually take place on Fridays, during that section's 1st hour)
  • Midterm: 30 points – probably Tuesday, 27 March, at 18.00
  • Final: 30 points
  • Participation: 10 points

COURSE TOPICS SCHEDULE: See Course Plans (.odt files) available from TRIN 172 web page.

  • For Computer Literacy, a "C" is 73%, while an "F" is 59% or lower; see General Grade Scale
  • To participate in Erin's final, students must do each of the following:
    • Participate in 80%+ of Erin's classes
    • Participate in at least 4 of the 8 quizzes
    • Participate in midterm

  • Cheating / Plagiarizing: Unacceptable, with disciplinary action for gross or multiple offences.
  • Homework / Labwork: To be completed outside of class.
  • Participation: For each class, students are expected to be on time, with a pen and notebook. (Erin will later announce if other items become required.) Personal electronic devices must be switched off. Students who use a personal electronic device during class without asking for and receiving permission will not get participation for that hour. Students are expected to use the bathroom during breaks, and follow other basic protocol for academic classes. Students must also check their Bilkent email for course information at least once per day.
  • Reading Materials: Available from Erin's web site and/or Moodle.
  • Software (Open Source/Freeware):
  • Technical: Students use their own Bilkent username, password, and H: drive for each class, quiz and exam.
  • Visiting Erin in her Office: Strongly encouraged.